Hide your visit

Everything you do on the web is recorded on your phone, computer or tablet.

You can remove this record from your device.*

You use a “browser” to look at websites. Look at the icons below to identify your browser, then follow the links for instructions.

Chrome iconChrome (includes Android phones) – select the kind of device you’re using


Safari iconSafari

Edge iconMicrosoft Edge

Explorer iconExplorer

If you don’t see your browser listed, go to Google and type in “clear my browsing history” and the name of your browser.


Browsing Privately in the Future

With some browsers, you can look at websites without leaving a record on your device.

Chrome icon Chrome – select the kind of device you’re using from the instructions in the link

Firefox Firefox

Safari icon Safari

Edge icon Microsoft Edge

*A record will also be stored on the website you visited and with your internet provider. If someone you know is monitoring your internet activity, use a device they don’t have access to or don’t know about.