$2 million for human trafficking services was pledged by the Ontario government: Rape crisis centres wait — and worry — for details on promised provincial funding

Ontario’s rape crisis centres await details from the provincial government on a $2 million funding announcement addressing resources for sexual assault and human trafficking.

The coalition said that the new, $2 million from a different ministry — community and social services — as part of an initiative to combat human trafficking is welcome — and also “(received) with some trepidation. While we share the priorities identified, such as preventing human trafficking and supporting sexually exploited survivors of violence, this funding comes with unknown parameters at this time.”

A spokesperson for Jill Dunlop, associate minister of children and women’s issues, said the money is meant for human trafficking initiatives, but realizes centres need flexibility: “our government recognizes the great work being done to provide trauma-informed care for all victims of sexual assault, from gender-based violence to human trafficking.”

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