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For the media

If you are a member of the media, you have the power to shape conversations about sexual violence. News stories can affect the way people think about sexual violence, their knowledge about sexual violence, and their ability to support survivors. The news can also provide information on where to find support.

Are you a member of the media

  • Working on a story about sexual violence?
  • Seeking a comment on a current issue about sexual violence?
  • Hoping to connect with someone who works with survivors of sexual violence?
  • Just looking to learn more?


Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC)

Media contact: Nicole Pietsch, Writer and Advocate

Phone: 905-299-4428

Email: (just substitute “at” with @)

Additional Resources for media reporting about sexual violence

The resources listed here are informed by survivors, journalists, gender-based violence advocates, lawyers and community members from across Canada. Use the Right Words is a resource for members of the media reporting about sexual violence. It includes information on sexual violence and other resources for journalists Checklist when Reporting on Sexual Assault Tipsheet: 10 Essential Tips on Interviewing Survivors of Sexual Assault (see page 22 of this resource).

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