Former Niagara cop who ran massage business sexually abused 11 women. Will serve 18 months of house arrest

“Nicole Pietsch, an advocate with the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres, said this decision suggests preferential treatment for police officers and Kukoly should have taken the risks of imprisonment into consideration when he sexually assaulted his clients.
‘If an actual massage therapist had done the very same, perhaps that person would have gone to prison,’ Pietsch said.
In Canada, 12 per cent of sexual assaults reported to police lead to a criminal conviction and seven per cent result in a custodial sentence, according to Statistics Canada.
‘This can leave a really negative impression on survivors who do choose to go through the criminal justice system because they feel they may not be getting the results they wished for,’ Pietsch said.
‘And for survivors, it can be really life changing to be sexually assaulted, particularly by someone who is in a trusted position.'”
Read the full CBC story here.


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