Online Sexual Violence

What is Online Sexual Violence?

Online sexual violence can include…

  • Spreading lies online about someone’s sexual reputation
  • Spreading truths online about someone’s sexual reputation
  • Forwarding a sexy, nude or hookup picture or text of someone to your friends without that person’s permission
  • Pressuring someone to send something sexy or nude (for example, a picture or sext)
  • Sending someone a sexual, nude or hookup text when theydon’t want you to
  • Putting sexual putdowns or comments (i.e. “Lisa is a slut”) on someone’s Facebook or Tumblr
  • Making online/text threats or jokes to sexually assault someone.

Online sexual violence can have a huge impact on those who are targeted.

Read more about what it’s like to experience online sexual violence here.

Read more about how to support someone who is dealing with online sexual violence here.

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