Vast Majority Of Ontarians Oppose Cuts To Legal Aid

Three-quarters of Ontarians are opposed to the province’s cuts to Legal Aid Ontario, a new poll has found.

Legal Aid Ontario provides legal support and representation for residents with little to no income, at family and criminal court, and to refugee claimants, among other services. This can include important legal support for women fleeing domestic violence.

Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres sees Legal Aid as an integral part of services and support for survivors of violence. But this month, the provincial government cut Legal Aid funding, saying it was “streamlining the delivery of legal aid to promote long-term sustainability.” The first cut represents almost 30 per cent of the budget, currently $456 million. By 2021-22, the legal aid budget will be cut by $164 million.

Read more about how cuts to Legal Aid will affect survivors of violence in Ontario communities, immigrant and refugee communities, and other vulnerable groups.

Read more about how most Ontarians oppose cuts to Legal Aid.

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