What will help Ontario Thrive? An Ontario that works to end sexual violence

The last few months have seen the public extremely engaged on issues related to sexual violence, safe workplaces and many others connected to gender equity.

The election is an important time. In our experience, strong engagement from political candidates and parties makes a huge difference in prevention programs, response policies and better resources for survivors of sexual violence…and much more.

Ontario Thrive is a coalition of organizations — including labour, violence against women, 2SLGBTQ and community-based legal clinics — and individuals that have come together to ask for measurable commitments from our political leaders.

This non-partisan coalition wants to see party leaders and candidates put issues of gender justice, safety and equity at the forefront of the Ontario provincial election.

How can you take part in helping Ontario thrive?

  • Make sure your local candidates’ debates includes questions related to women, communities and safety. Don’t have questions? Don’t worry: we have a list of questions for candidates here!
  • Be prepared for candidates at your door with a list of questions on what is gender equality: you can find sample questions here.
  • Read up on our information backgrounders on key issues including gender-based violence, the sexual health curriculum in Ontario, labour, child care, housing and reproductive rights.

OCRCC is a part of Thrive – we encourage you to join too!

Visit Ontario Thrive’s website

Contact Ontario Thrive: hello@ontariothrive.ca

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