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News and media articles featuring OCRCC and Ontario sexual assault centres.
  • PC Government commits $2 million for human trafficking; but ends funding to reduce wait-times: OCRCC Responds

    Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC) has learned that the PC Government intends to commit to $2 million in annual funding for Ontario Sexual Assault Centres for work with survivors [...]

  • $1 million cut to rape crisis funding a ‘callous place to pinch pennies’

    Last year, the provincial government announced stopgap funding to help shorten wait times for victims of sexual violence to speak to counsellors. The Guelph-Wellington Women In Crisis executive director says she [...]

  • Ontario government denies extra funding to sexual assault centres

    Advocates for Ontario’s 42 sexual assault centres say the provincial government will not renew a $1-million funding boost next year, even though demand for services is rising. The Progressive Conservative government [...]

  • Ontario Ends Extra Funding For Rape Crisis Centres As Wait Times Soar

    The Ontario government will not provide cash-strapped rape crisis centres with any additional funding this year, despite a spike in demand from sexual assault victims in need of help.  The Ontario [...]

  • Ontario cancels $1M for rape crisis centres, prompting concerns wait times will spike

    Ontario's 42 rape crisis centres have learned the $1 million funding boost they received last year from the province will not be renewed, fuelling concerns wait times for survivors of sexual [...]

  • Province will not renew $1M in funding to cut waitlists at rape crisis centres

    Two weeks before International Women’s Day, a network of sexual assault centres across Ontario received news that additional funding provided by the PC government to help reduce waitlists for counselling services [...]

  • Government axes $1M funding boost for rape crisis centres

    The province has axed an additional $1 million in funding for the province’s 42 rape crisis centres, which are now warning that supports for survivors will have to be cut while [...]

  • Government ends One-time Funding Resources for Ontario Sexual Assault Centres: OCRCC Responds

    A year ago, in the face of increased demands for service and crushing wait lists for supportive counselling to survivors of sexual assault, the Province of Ontario provided “$1 million in [...]

  • ‘No one should have to wait’: Supports for sexual assault survivors

    The Toronto Rape Crisis Centre and Ontario’s 41 other sexual-assault centres are a lifeline to scores of survivors of sexual violence in Ontario. For one survivor who shared her story, meeting [...]

  • Sexual assault centres struggle with limited funding as more women come forward to say #MeToo

    In Toronto, wait times for sexual violence counselling are around 11 months. The Avalon Sexual Assault Centre in Halifax stopped putting people on its waiting list when it topped 112 in April [...]

  • Ontario’s revamped compensation program unavailable to victims of historical sexual crimes: OCRCC Responds

    The network of sexual assault and rape crisis centres across Ontario is demanding Ontario's attorney general reverse recent changes to victim compensation services. According to the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres, [...]

  • Victims left short by program changes: Ontario critics

    People working on the front lines to support victims of crime say Ontario’s changes to support programs will rob some victims some of vital counselling and “life-changing” funding. The government has [...]